Veritas Guys Lunch Convo: Modern Masculinity

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 @ 12:00 PM

Room 2206C Mizzou Student Center


What does it mean to act like a man? That’s a complicated question in today’s world. Culture tells us that masculinity is toxic and real men should avoid it, while guys like Andrew Tate tell us that real men should be Alphas and need to dominate others to thrive in life. It’s exhausting, confusing, and leaves us searching for direction. Thankfully, the Bible has a lot to say about manhood - and gives us a clear example to follow in the person of Jesus.

Join Cole and Davis for a 3-week study on what the Bible says about manhood and how we can start to lean into real masculinity. We'll meet from 12-1 pm at the Mizzou Student Center. Grab lunch and join us upstairs!