Music/Production Team

Need: Urgent

Our Tuesday night worship service is one of the most consistent ways we accomplish our mission to help more college students believe that Jesus is more. Our music team is a crucial part of making these services happen. Whether you’re a vocalist or musician, or a sound, light, or camera operator, our services only happen because of a team that is committed to helping create an environment where we can come together and worship Jesus every week. Come help us lead our Tuesday night service.

Experience Team

Need: Medium

There are thousands of college-aged people in Columbia that are looking for purpose, meaning and belonging. We believe all of that is found in Jesus. Our Experience Team is focused on pulling off great events, service projects and other outreach opportunities. We want to help people become more invested and take steps toward Jesus. This team will use the unique skills and interests of individual volunteers to further God’s mission here in Columbia.

Greek Team

Need: Medium

We know that Greek life is a unique experience for college students, so our team creates opportunities specific to Greek students to get involved in Veritas. We want every student in Greek town to attend Veritas, join a small group and participate in our events, because we are convinced that through these things student’s hearts and minds will be moved to believe that Jesus is More. Whether you’d like to lead a small group or join our community team, we believe that God is doing big things at Mizzou through Greek life and we want you to be part of it!

Small Groups Team

Need: Medium

Small groups aren’t just bible studies to learn more about Jesus, but are communities growing together and encouraging each other to actually look more like Jesus. If you’re excited about creating a space for people to be known deeply, to study together, pray for each other and push one another to live more like Jesus did, talk to us about leading a small group of your own!

Digital Relationships Team

Need: High

Stepping into a big ministry can be intimidating. Where do you start? What can you expect when you get there? Our digital relationships team uses creative projects and visual media to give people a real idea of what it looks like to be involved at Veritas. If you have photo, video, graphic design or TikTok experience, come partner with us as we help people picture themselves in our community.