Veritas exists to move the hearts and minds of more college students to believe that Jesus is More. We believe that happens through grace and truth in the context of relationships over time. And it’s our hope that through that process, God would transform not only us, but our communities, our colleges, and our city.

Every Veritas staff member raises their own financial support. To partner with us, follow the button below.

Kyle Richter

Pastor, Veritas Co-Director

Alex Gray

Veritas Co-Director

Alex Moore

Veritas Greek Women's Small Groups Developer

Christina Hedrick

Veritas Greek Ministry Strategist

Cole Moog

Veritas Men's Small Groups Developer

Davis Patrick

Veritas Men's Ministry Strategist

Emilee McEnery

Veritas Women's Small Groups Developer

Jack Fender

Veritas Production Lead

Jacob Hall

Veritas Greek Ministry Strategist

Kate Andrea

Veritas Worship Leader

Katelyn Meyerpeter

Veritas Digital Relationships Strategist

Nick McEnery

Veritas Worship Leader